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Kandyan Convention

Eventhough King Sri Wickarama Rajasinghe was recorded as an Iron hearted  king, facts prove that his own chiefs caused it. In the early years of his reign, he was identified as a nature loving king, who re-constructed the Bogambara wewa, built the Kirimuhuda. The kandy lake at present  and constructed the “paththirippuwa” of the temple of the tooth relic. Due to the conspiracies of his own adigars, the king was nurtured by mistrust and suspicions and lead to become a brutal king. Blinded by power hunger, and finally dying as a helpless prisoner. Away from his motherland, thus recorded as the last King of the sovereign Sri Lanka.

12 days after capturing the king, Sri wickarama Rajasinghe, a treaty was signed between British and Sinhalese. Sir Robert Brownrigg was present to represent the King George III of England, and Sinhalese chiefs represented Sinhalese. The treaty was signed, vesting the ruling power of the whole island over the British.


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