Place Category: Religious

Mar 11
Suduhumpala Rajamaha Viharaya – Suduhumpola, Kandy

The Suduhumpola Viharaya is situated in Deiyannewela or the "rice field of the gods".

Mar 11
Suriyagoda Viharaya

This Viharaya consists of a Pilima-ge – an image house, and a Stupa.

Mar 11
Pattini Devale – Yalegoda

A small but beautiful Devale with a painted doorway belonging to the late Kandyan period.

Mar 11
Simhapitiya Viharaya

This place appears to have flourished during the times of the Gampola kings. The two…

Mar 11
Wallahagoda Katharagama Devalaya – Gampola

This is a Buddhist cum deistic shrine, the latter dedicated to God Skanda, built by…

Mar 11
Ganegoda Devale

Ganegoda Devale near Pahingamuwa which is dedicated to Skanda and stands in the old…

Mar 10
Vagama Viharaya

Here you see a wooden image of Henakanda Biso Bandara. The queen of Vikramabahu III…

Mar 10
Pitiye Devale – Dambarava

According to tradition this Devale was founded by Narendrasimha. The present Devale is…

Mar 10
Maliga Viharaya, Daladagama

As its name suggests (Dalada means sacred tooth relic) it is the village where the…

Mar 09
Sellavali viharaya

This viharaya according to a copper plate grant was constructed by a queen named…