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Background to Kandy


When the first ancient division of  the country was in to 3 regions, namely Ruhunu, Pihiti and Maya, hill country belonged to the ‘Maya’ Region. Later in 14th  century, Maya region was sub divided to five as ‘Kanda Udatara Pasrata’. These 5 regions were,

  1. Siguruwana (Udunuwara and Uda Palatha)
  2. Balavita (Harispaththuwa)
  3. Sagama Thunrata (Walapane- Hewaheta)
  4. Matale
  5. Dumbara

When the ancient kingdoms were migrated to south west, Kandy became the kingdom by  17th century, the city was Senkadagala and the borders wae as follows.

West     – Sathkoralaya, Satharakoralaya, Thunkoralaya, Patha Bulathgama

North    – Nuwara Kalaviya, Thamankaduwa

East        – Thampalagampaththuwa, Wewgampaththuwa, Panama

South    – Uva and Sabaragamuwa

Since the fall of Polonnaruwa, the capital of sri lanka migrated to the south eastern region of the island and after the Kurunegala kingdom, Gampola became the capital in 1341-1409. It was during the reign of King Buwanekabahu IV. After his reign of 10 years, Parakramabahu V won the throne and thereafter Wickramabahu III became the ruler of Gampola. But, during the reign of VI who  united the country, Gampola was an area under the  Kingdom of Kotte. But the Gampola Kingdom whisch was independent for about 50 years laid foundations for the later Udarata Kingdom.

After the rein of Pakramabahu VI, the Kotte kingdom fall apart and during the reign of Buwanekabahu VI, Senasammatha Wickramabahu  (1463- 1511) broke out a rebel at matale and stated to rule Udarata as an independent king. His capital was  Senkadagala, which  was later named as Kandy (Mahanuwara). In his stone scripts, he mentioned himself as ‘Chakrawarthi Swami’ ( Ruler for the whole world), which signifies the fact that he didn’t accept the Kotte Kingdom. Thus, Senasammatha Wickramabahu  is considered as  the first ruler of Kandyan Kingdom.


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