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Geography of Kandy


The hill country of sri lanka is famous for its spectacular sceneries and mild climate diverse geographical features consisted of mountains, valleys, clefts and plateaus covered with greenery and silvery streams and waterfalls flowing across then enhance the beauty of the hill country.

The area of the hill country is about 12360 square miles. Its situated in between northern latitude 60 -200 — 80 – 450 and eastern longtitude 800 – 80 — 810 – 450 , and more than 300 meters above the sea level. Mild climate of this area is due to the receipt of both south-west and north-east mansoon.

Hill country or the Kandyan Kingdom is endeavored with river groups, forests and mountains passes which marks its borders as well as contributed a lot to its protection during the reign of ancient kings. The Mahaweli river which borders Kandy City from 3 sides, provided natural protection and beauty.

Further, Kandy is surrounded by Kadugannawa, Hanthana & Knuckles mountains and when entering the city, Balana, Balakaduwa, Galagedara, Ginigathhena & Hunnasgiri passes are met.


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