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King Vimaladharmasuriya II (1687-1707)

King WimaladharmasuriyaAfter king Rajasinghe II, his son Vimaladharmasuriya II ascended the throne. It’s claimed that he is a peace loving king. He worked cordially with the Dutch. However some disturbances occurred since  Dutch refused the kings’s request of restoring the ports which were captured by the Dutch during  the regime of King Rajasinghe II.

During his reign, he paid greater attention to the religious upheaval. He restored the practice of higher ordination by getting down monks from Siam (Thailand) and obtained assistance from Dutch in doing so. Also,he improved the sacred temple of the tooth relic  by developing it into a 3 storied building.


  • Reshan Ranjan
    06/06/2023 at 20:56


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