A superb example of this islands architecture in wood and dedicated to the god of Kataragama or Skanda.

Ambakke Devale (embekke devalaya) as it is today consists of a Garbha – a sanctum, the Dig-ge or dancing hall in place of the Antaralaya and Hevisi Mandapaya or drummers hall in place of the Mandapaya. The main sanctum with its high roof confirms with the other Devales of the period. The Hewisi Mandapaya is an attraction to the visitor for the wood carvings on its ornate pillars and high-pitched roof. It is believed that some of this woodwork utilized had come from an abandoned Royal palace of Gampola. The Vahalkada or the entrance porch of the Devale also has its pillars with some of the finest wood carvings, including a carving of a mother and child.